Rave’s Reviews: FJ Poop Emoji Bath Bomb

I am not going to lie. YESTERDAY WAS A CRAPPY DAY.

That’s me putting it nicely.

I still found a little humor in it though! I forgot that I had a package full of s**t on the way to me. 🙂

Sure enough, that parcel of poop was in the mailbox when I got home last night.

I made tacos for dinner (with homemade taco meat–hamburger, seasoned salt and chili powder–yum), and headed for the bath.

I got this freebie necklace in the box from FJ (It was a promo piece)

I had to buy this! Sorrynotsorry–It was too funny to pass up! I mean come on–Who doesn’t want to bathe in poop?! (That’s me being sarcastic, y’all…Playing in poop is gross, don’t do it.)

I opened the bath bomb to find glittery mess everywhere…I couldn’t see the eyes or the mouth real well, but you can definitely tell it’s there.

A lot of the shimmer was lost while I was trying to open it. FJ wrapped it *three times* in this hard to tear shrink-wrap plastic.

And into the tub it went.

This next one reminds me of my home state…


It took about 10 minutes for the ring to pop up
This bomb is supposed to contain one of two *new* rings….let’s see:


I’m still wearing it today…that’s awfully pretty 🙂
It’s a $25 pretty, rose gold band, with a pink center and “diamond” petals.

I have no complaints about the smell…The joke is on you, FJ…I *LIKE* the smell of roses!
The scent was a little overpowering…At one point it was so fragrant that it almost smelled like citronella.

There was plenty of shimmer to go around:
Unfortunately, I have three bad things to say about this one:
1)The removal of the shrink wrap was hard, and made a lot of the shimmer fly all over me–a good bit didn’t make it to the water. It didn’t matter, since when I looked closely at the water I could see the shimmer…but I didn’t pay for loose mess to go all over me and the floor.

2)There was so much loose shimmer that shifted in transit, that it hid the actual face of what was supposed to be a Poop Emoji.

3) The eyeballs, once revealed, caused black and filmy crap around the rim of the tub:
(Yup, that says WTF?)  Lesson learned about using bath bombs with black coloring in them.  I’d just cleaned out the tub before the bath, too. I was not amused!

The ring kind of makes up for it, though.

My final thoughts on this one:
Silly idea for kids/teens….not as amusing for the adults who have to clean the crap up afterwards.

I’ll just stick to the pretty colored, pretty smelling bombs form here on out. 🙂

Until next time,


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