Rave’s Reviews: Pretty Fizzy Bombs


While browsing Twitter a few weeks ago, I came across @PrettyFizzyBomb. I noticed she has a website, and is selling those lovely things that turn your bathtub into a laboratory!

Yes, I’m talking about bath bombs (What else would I be talking about?!)

I tried something different–I asked the owner, Samantha, if I purchased some products if she’d be okay with me reviewing. I love that she said yes 🙂

I ordered, and my package arrived about a week later. (Last Friday, to be exact!)

I tested out “Block Party” first. Price: $5.00

I had to try this one first! I *love* that there’s an ingredient label on the back. I was curious to see if this one would sink or float. It floats 🙂
This has a juicy scent to it. It’s not extremely overpowering, which is nice. My bathroom smelled really nice for hours after. My skin felt nice and smooth, and I believe that the amount of oils used is perfect!  It didn’t leave that disgusting ring of film around the tub.

I absolutely had to try “Sweet Pea”. (Aubrey’s granddad nicknamed her Sweet Pea, and I get a smile when I see anything sweet pea scented 🙂 ) Price: $7.00
XL Bath Bomb!
This one has glitter!  For me, it’s the perfect amount. Because there’s not a lot of it, there was no need for a shower after. The scent was spot-on, and I enjoyed every single moment of it!

I believe this was a clearance item…I wanted to try it anyway, because I love the smell of apples!
–I was not disappointed 🙂
The entire time I soaked, I wanted a caramel apple so dang bad. (The struggle was real!)
I may just have to go grocery shopping in a little bit…hmm…haha 😉

I also ordered a Breathe Easy Sinus Bath Bomb, but I haven’t used it yet. My sinuses are being nice lately, and I can’t review something that I haven’t tried!

Pretty Fizzy Bombs has a lot more than just things that make your bath go BOOM! She makes bubble bars (I’ve yet to try any, at all; but it’s on the list) and soaps; I’ve also seen bath salts, sprays, and *handmade* crochet loofahs. (Now that’s unique!)
Everything is reasonably priced, and handmade 🙂

I’ve been chatting back and forth with Samantha on Twitter, and she seems like a really awesome lady! Please check out her store on Etsy!





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