At Nine, We Push.


“Here is a gift for you today,
So when I’m born you’ll light my way.
And when that happy day is here,
Burn this candle and spread good cheer.”


And oh my god, I’m still crying. This isn’t even my own child. Haha 🙂

I woke up at 8:30 this morning, planning on doing all kinds of things. By that, I mean I was going to wash clothes and mess around on the internet for awhile. But! I picked up my phone when the alarm went off at 8:30, only to find 17 missed called from a combination of the best friend, and her boyfriend.


I called to confirm that it was indeed, baby time….”She’s at 8…” [centimeters]


I threw on the first clothes I could find, and headed up to the hospital. Out of the two that we have in our tiny town, luckily she chose the one only a half-mile down from my house. I made my way to her room and found an actually mostly calm best friend, her boyfriend, and her big sister.

Their dad and his significant other made it just in time…
Their mom was on the way up from Florida.
This labor / delivery was scheduled for 5:30am this Thursday…Miss Paige had other plans!

My best friend let me have the honor of being in the room when it was time to push. This was supposed to be her mom’s place…but, her mom hadn’t made it here yet. I double checked with her and her sister to make sure it was okay, and not even 5 minutes later (or so it seemed), I’m standing on one side, her boyfriend on the other. He held her leg on his side…and I tried to hold her leg on my side, but I was in the way and the nurse assisting just held it instead. 😛

I know from my own baby-birthing, that it’s a slimy, bloody and disgusting thing. And it’s painful. Sooooo painful.
But what I witnessed today was absolutely amazing and beautiful. (Not the actual fact that I had to look out of freaking curiosity and I saw things I ain’t supposed to ever see…I’m good with never having to see that again…LOL…But, the beauty behind it all…)

Paige was born this morning at 9:10 am, weighing in at 6 pounds, 11 ounces. She measures 20 inches long.

And she is perfect.


“Aunt” Raven is in love with this new pink, wiggly baby girl!

Welcome to the world, little one. You just don’t know how much you are already loved!


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2 Responses to At Nine, We Push.

  1. You are so many things to me, and the only way to sum them all up is by calling you my best friend. I’m so amazing happy, proud, and humbled that you do life with me and were here for this moment.
    I love you forever.

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