The last few days…

…Have been great!

I took a really pretty selfie the other day. I know, I’m basic. But sometimes I get a little full of myself, and feel like showing that off…


I don’t wear a lot of makeup. When I do, it’s the basic stuff. I’m just wearing mascara and lipstick here. (My eyes distract you from my huge forehead, I know. Blame my parents.)

Work has been really good. My calls haven’t been that bad, and I’ve been able to assist most everyone I’ve talked to. I got a KUDOS CALL yesterday! In the call-center world, that’s where the caller speaks to someone over you to let them know you provided excellent customer service.
A few calls later, a woman made my evening by telling me I cleared up the confusion she was feeling, and it’s wonderful to have had me to answer the call. I calmed her down. Her life’s in hell right now, and I brought some peace to it. It’s an amazing feeling, knowing I’ve helped someone 🙂  (Even if it’s to just sit there and let them vent.)

The blog, in my opinion, has done really well this week. I’ve been working on growing my views here, as well as followings on FB, Twitter, and Pinterest. I have signed up for Instagram, but that’s going to be a slow process.

I decided to treat myself last night, so I went and did this for myself:


I’m going to leave that big, so you can see the detail of the shirt. Those are skinny jeans *gasp*, and some awesome strappy sandals I figured I could get away with as work appropriate.  I purchased a “dress down badge” yesterday, so I can wear jeans / sneakers whenever I want for the next 2 months…my wardrobe is so…business casual.

Today is going to be a GREAT DAY!
Not only is it finally Friday, but-Today is “Pantry Club / Stock Pile” Day! –And guess who’s turn it is?! *Points to self*

I have a whole post that will be dedicated to that, and how to get it started in your office (if you work in one…if not, you’re lucky!)

I found out tonight that my niece will be here next week, if not sooner 😉 I am so dang ready to meet her, hold her, love on her little tiny self!

It’s gonna be all good 🙂

Until later,


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