The Baby Bird’s Blurbs: “Really Awesome Bath Bomb” (Aubrey’s first blog! Sort of.)

It was a typical, Sunday evening….Time to unwind and mentally prepare for another long week.
Whether it’s going back to work, or back to school; We all dislike Mondays.

My one and only child, Aubrey, is awesome. She is sweet and kind (and overly sensitive sometimes, like her mamma ). She is a goofball (like her daddy), and swears up and down that she’s going to make YouTube videos, and become a Veterinarian.

She is a lover of all furry animals (the big dogs too, although they scare her). She calls herself part-cat, meowing and purring when she’s happy. When she’s mad, she hisses and growls.
I keep telling her to knock it off, that she’s not an actual cat…She just meows and goes about her business. (Like a cat does.)  Maybe it’s just a phase.

She loves games, like her dad. She plays Minecraft and Roblox. (I don’t, and I don’t try!)

She hates school and homework. And angry people. And, her favorite color is BRIGHT pink. (Or at least it was the last time I checked.)

Aubrey’s been listening to me go on about all of these bath bombs: So, it must have piqued her curiosity enough to want to see what the big deal was. I had an extra FJ Watermelon bomb that came in the mail last week. I showed her how it worked…she stole my ring…(“Garnet” gemstone, teardrop setting with “diamonds” all around and halfway down the ring…it was pretty!)

Madeline’s Market sent me an extra bomb in the mail last week. I still am unsure if this was an accident. Or maybe it was fate. Who knows?

So after hearing Aubrey go on and on about how she wants to try, I caved and let her test this one.


It didn’t survive shipping, but that’s alright! It’s going to good use either way!

I removed the wrapping for her, and she immediately began to claw at it with her nails.
She is also impatient like me, so she was chomping at the bit to put it in the water.

I had to remind her to be patient and let the tub fill up.


“It looks like an explosion of pink!!!”

The moment my kid had been waiting for. She was excited to see the reaction (She’s also a self-proclaimed scientist…Her grandparent’s backyard is full of “experiments”..My yard is slowly becoming another laboratory!)
So perhaps her curiosity was in the name of Science. 😉

I decided to grab the pen and a piece of paper. I mean, that’s what we do here: Review things that fizz.

I asked her to describe the scent.
“I don’t know what to say.”
“Well, what are you thinking?”
“It smells like…a candy…Smarties? …Or, cotton candy?”

She then reached down to play with the bath bomb while it was still fizzing.
This whole process took about 5 minutes, the same as the last one.

Aubrey became impatient again, and decided to break the rest in half. Boy-was she disappointed that it didn’t have a ring! I explained that not all bath bombs have rings inside. She accepted that, but still wasn’t amused. (Now I have to measure her finger and buy her one that has a ring in it…*Thanks, FJ! UGH!*


According to the princess, it “has purple-ish stuff in it”.

She climbed in. After a minute I asked her how her skin felt. She said “soft”, and “feels awesome”. 🙂

“Well kid, what do you think?”
“It looks pretty awesome–Try it yourself!”

There you have it, folks. My kid’s first blog, or something close to it. 🙂


Until next time,

~Raven [and Aubrey!]



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One Response to The Baby Bird’s Blurbs: “Really Awesome Bath Bomb” (Aubrey’s first blog! Sort of.)

  1. Rosalee says:

    Daughter like mother,the two of them make good team.


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