Rave’s Reviews: Madeline’s Market Bath Bombs-“Golden Globe”

While I was playing around on Twitter, I came across a store called Madeline’s Market. I browsed their store, and found a lot of pretty bath bombs at really affordable prices.

Ironically enough I had just finished watching a YouTube video about these golden bath bombs 🙂

I’d rather pay $6 for something similar, so that’s what I did!


Was not disappointed! I was thrown off by the smell…You completely stumped me…I got a musky scent when I smelled it. Whatever it was, it smelled great!


It went fast. I was a little bummed that the shimmer was only on the outside, but the awesome pink color made up for that 🙂 (I’d have to rinse all the shimmery stuff off, anyway!)

About 5 minutes later, I hopped in. The oils made my skin feel nice and smooth 🙂

I spent most of this bath trying to figure out what scent I was smelling. It’s going to bug me, y’all….until I figure it out! (Amber, maybe? Why didn’t I read the description?!)

Unfortunately, I don’t see the Golden Globe anywhere on the site. She may be sold out.

If it returns, I’ll be more than happy to post the link and share!
(Edit 3/25/17: IT’S BACK! Take a lookie right *here*! )

In the meantime, please go check her products out!  I know that I will be a returning customer–There’s more than just bath bombs! I saw sugar scrubs, chap stick, candles, and soaps too 🙂

I did get an extra surprise in my package–another bath bomb! I don’t honestly know if it was a mistake or not, but we used it…I hope that was okay! Aubrey was going crazy to try one out! (If not, I’ll make it right!)


That post is coming up 🙂


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  1. Rosalee says:

    I love reading your word.


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