Where’d My Weekend Go?

Why is it that the work week passes by so slowly, but the weekend flies by so fast? Wasn’t it just Friday?!
I did not feel well at all Friday.  I ended up coming home at lunch–Stupid sinuses. I ended up sleeping until 8 (when I usually am leaving work), and had to go to Wal-Mart for last minute baby shower stuff.

We celebrated my best friend’s soon-to-be mom status on Saturday! Here’s just a few pictures…
Her daughter / my niece’s name is Paige!

This kid is already loved, and is going to be absolutely spoiled rotten! I can’t wait to meet her 😀 I can’t help but wonder if she’ll have red hair, like her mom did when we were little? Will she call me “Aunt Rae-Rae” like my other nieces and nephew did, when they were younger? An Aunt just wonders these things 🙂


I helped host the shower on 4 hours of sleep. Java Monsters were my best friend!

My daughter was home for the weekend, so I stayed up with her and then hung out with the man-friend for a little bit.
I ended up going to bed…and I slept SO HARD…


I’m still wondering where the weekend went. We had a lazy Sunday at home, just hanging out and relaxing.  I tried out a new bath bomb or two, and showed Aubrey (my daughter) how I do my blog pictures for reviews 🙂 There was a bomb that I wasn’t expecting…(Although, it was a lovely surprise–) so I let her test it out for me!

I will have my review up for Madeline’s Market up tomorrow…and I’m working on a segment I think I’ll call “The Baby Bird’s Blurbs” (I know, 10 isn’t exactly a “baby”, but she’s my baby! Do you see what I’m doing here? The Bird’s Word…My name is Raven…Aubrey’s my baby, I’m a mamma bird …? I thought it was quirky, just like we are!)

I have a lot to get accomplished this week. I have work all week, and hoping my boss doesn’t get mad at me for requesting *more* time off to get things done…*IF* I can get that time approved, I have to run a couple of errands.

I received my acceptance letter last week!
I’m VERY excited to announce that beginning in May, I will be starting back to school for my Business Management degree!  It’s all online, and I’ll be attending “half-time”, but dang it: I’m doing it!


For now…it’s 2:00 A.M. on Monday morning…It’s time for bed.


More soon!


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