24 Karat Magic on My Nails!



(Not really.)
Nope, that’s definitely *not* real gold on my nails.
I’m a phone grunt! I do not make money like that! (I WISH I DID!)


Something you all will come to learn about me: I absolutely LOVE my Amazon Prime membership!
So I went Amazon browsing last weekend for another silver gel powder. The one I got from Pretty Diva just isn’t…shiny enough.
I saw this set from Travelmall and said “OOH, GOLD.” Forget silver…for now…


Let me just mention this: I am not a fan of yellow gold. I haven’t been for a long time. It gives me a headache when I look at it, and I’m not sure why–but it does.

My Amazon order took 2 days to get to me. I also ordered a set of nail brushes with dotting tools and rhinestones. I’ll be playing with those soon 🙂

I dislike gold tones stuff, but I had to find out exactly how well this powder worked.


I started with a thick layer of peel off base coat. Let that dry. You’ll know it’s dry when it’s transparent…like you’ve just got some clear polish on your nails. I don’t have the patience to sit though soaking this polish off (I also honestly do not have the time).

Step Two–You know this, if you’ve been reading..or if, you know…you know how to do this stuff 🙂 :


Let the gel polish cure for 30-40 seconds. These powders didn’t come with instructions, so I’m basing the time off of the instructions that came with the Pretty Diva powders.

While that’s baking…

Look at the gold shiny stuff! Look. At. It.
It only takes a little dab of the powder on the applicator (included with the set)–so it’s totally okay that these pots of glittery goodness are small. A little bit goes a long way!

After 30-40 seconds, take your nail out from underneath the curing lamp. I found that with this powder, I didn’t have to rub hard to get the result I was looking for.


With the fancy fan-brush from my brush set, I tried to dust the excess powder away, but it didn’t work as well as I thought it would. Instead, I just used a soft cloth to wipe away the extra powder.

You’ll want to put a clear, gel top coat on and pop your hand back under the curing lamp. I let mine cure for a minute or so.


I think the top coat’s a little lacking in the shine department. I noticed that when it cured, the top coat gave the gold powder a bit of a matte look.

Hey, my nails are gold, and that’s what I was going for! I didn’t say it would look 100% professional 🙂  (Please take note: I am *not* a professional. I am just a woman who likes doing things on the cheap for herself!)

I hope everyone’s had a good week so far. With Monday and Tuesday being a bit hellish at work, I’m happy to report that yesterday’s shift went a lot better! I’m glad today is Thursday, and I’m looking forward to this weekend. We don’t have anything major planned, but I will be sitting down to plan out next week’s content! It’s rough working crazy hours, then rushing home to try a product and take pictures, write about it, and then blog it!
I’ve been getting in bed really late in the A.M, and that’s not cool. My bed is missing me as I type! 🙂


If you’re new to TBW, please feel free to follow! I do try to have something new here every day or two. If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, I have those too; I like new stalkers 😉

Until next time!


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