Rave’s Reviews: Pearl Bath Bomb- “Love Potion”

Monday was a very typical, frustrating, Murphy’s-Law-applies-to-Monday. Without too much detail, let’s just say I was more than ready to leave at 8pm when my shift ended.
I was expecting two packages, but was surprised to see another one waiting for me under the carport when I arrived home.  It turns out that my Pearl Bath Bombs package had arrived!  Seriously–What a great way to end the night! After the day / night I had, I really needed that hot soak.

It came nicely packaged and wrapped…


Pearl Bath Bombs have almost the same concept as other jewelry-offering bath bombs: There’s a ring inside, along with a code that you enter in on their website to get your appraisal. The “cocktail ring” offered in each bomb, is valued between $10-$30. The redemption code also reveals if you’ve won another ring, valued at $100, $1000 or $5000!  If you didn’t win one of the exclusive rings, you get points. These points can be later redeemed for a ring, or more bath bombs. I like that idea. (Let’s face it, I’m going to need more…I’m an addict now. I have to feed the addiction.)

I ran my bath tub full, poured myself a cold glass of Peach Moscato, and I let the bath bomb do its thing.

This one was the same size as others that I’ve tried 🙂 I was shocked by the color…
It settled on the bottom of the tub for the most part.

The bomb took about 8 minutes to dissolve. The ring came enclosed in a bright pink prize ball:

The ring was valued at 10 points. It’s pretty…My personal opinion is that the quality isn’t as good as some of the other rings I’ve received–but–taking a quick glance, you don’t notice the imperfections.

The scent wasn’t as strong as others I’ve tried (“Harmony” and “Watermelon”): However, I think that this would be a *great* scent for those who have migraines. The Love Potion bath bomb has a very light scent. The description states it’s floral, but I smelled something resembling baby oil.
My skin felt very smooth and very slick as soon as I hopped in the bath.  That water was not oily at all, although I could definitely detect the presence of oils that were used in the making of this bath bomb.

Bottom line? I’d purchase again 🙂 These would make good gifts for those who suffer from migraines, or for those who don’t live scents that are overwhelming!

I hope everyone’s doing well!


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