“THE Black Mask”


Yes, I am an idiot.
I’m a glutton for punishment.

But I saw it…wanted to try it…and here we are…


Late Saturday night, I tried this dang mask that the internet’s been going crazy about. I had the man-friend here to help document this horrible, painful experience.
Nope, I didn’t go live or record myself peeling this mess off. Two reasons: 1)My kid was up and down all night, and didn’t fall asleep until after 2 in the freaking morning. 2) I didn’t get 10 likes on TBW’s Facebook page (I got 9).

I will enter a shameless plea here, if you like what you read here and want to keep up, check TBW’s FB out by clicking this fancy hyperlink!


And now…On with the demo!

Step one: Read the instructions…or try to, because you’re nearsighted and already took your glasses off. Laziness FOR THE WIN!

Step Two: Paint the mess on your face. Excuse the old work shirt, but I felt like the #LiveFearlessSC was kind of appropriate… 🙂

Step Three: Let it dry for 20 minutes.
It was really hard for me to talk, drink, or even make kissy faces at the man. It was pretty funny though. (It also hurt to laugh.)

Step Four: Start peeling your face off, and question every stupid thing you’ve ever done. Figure out whether or not this mask ranks in the Top 10.

I had a hard time finding a starting place to peel, because the mask dried to my face so well.
It feels and sounds like you’re peeling masking tape off of your face.
IT RIPPED MORE FACIAL HAIR OUT, than anything else.

That’s probably why it claims to leave your skin feeling smooth. I’ll give it that, my face felt really smooth. My skin also felt tighter for awhile after the fact.

If you like pain, and having what feels like a masking tape-facial, then go buy this stuff!


I hope everyone had a great weekend!

I do have some more products on the way…Here’s a sneak peak:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m going to head to bed now…10 hours until it’s back to the grind!








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