FJ Watermelon Bath Bomb!

Last Friday was full of excitement.


Between being asked to dinner by the man-friend, and my lifelong best friend trying to have my niece that isn’t due for another month, it was a crazy afternoon. I left work early to go be with my friend; but, there was only so much I could do. They pumped her full of medicine to stop labor, and I was making her more anxious by being there. So I came home.

I wanted to look and feel nice for mine and the man-friend’s date…and remembered that I still had a Watermelon bath bomb left over from Fragrant Jewels!

(Check out “Harmony” here!)

Same stuff as before–Open, remove clear wrapper. Place into water, and enjoy!
As with the Harmony bomb, my entire bathroom smelled like watermelon within minutes 🙂

The picture doesn’t do the ring justice. It’s a beautiful amethyst teardrop, surrounded by “diamonds”! (They may as well *be* diamonds, as bright as they shine!)

Here’s a better look, along with the other rings I’ve collected so far:
These don’t look like $10 rings…but all of them are!

As for me…Well…I know I’m not the prettiest, but I sure looked and felt like it last Friday night! (And that’s all that matters, right?!)

(Yup, that’s me…big ol forehead and all!)

The best friend and niece? Are OK. Labor stopped, and my niece has to stay in a little bit longer 😉

The man-friend and I enjoyed dinner. I stabbed my steak with the chopsticks, the man-friend devoured his Godzilla Roll….and we both discovered that warmed Peach Sake is NOT as tasty as it sounded!

Bath bombs with pretties inside are becoming one of my favorite things! I’ve subscribed to Fragrant Jewel’s “Inner Circle”, where you get a candle AND a bath bomb, a ring in each AND 2 extra chances to win a $10,000 ring! If I don’t win, whatever. These rings LOOK amazing. 🙂

I hope everyone has a great day!




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