Rave’s Reviews-Fragrant Jewels Bath Bomb: “Harmony”

I’ve been seeing a lot of mixed reviews online about Fragrant Jewels bath bombs. I have had ads all over my Facebook for months now, so I figured “Meh, why not”, and ordered a couple to try for myself.

When I got to the website, I was greeted by a popup that offered a scratch-off to reveal a free ring with my purchase. I was shown a beautiful ring: silver band, with a blue teardrop stone and cubic zirconia “diamonds” around the setting. It was available, as long as I purchased within the next hour.

I browsed through the bath bombs that they had to offer. I immediately went for the “Starry Night” bath bomb; but, they were sold out. I was also interested in the “Amethyst”  bath bomb, which was also sold out. It was disappointing, but to have items sold out means that people are buying the products, which is good for business!  I finally settled for two of them: “Watermelon” and “Harmony”, priced at $14.95 each. I opted for 3-day-shipping at checkout, because well…I’m impatient!

My package arrived 2 days later (good job, UPS!), and had a few minutes before I had to leave for work. I opened the box…


…and was hit in the face by the aroma of fruit and flowers!

My freebie ring was hiding under the paper. It’s a size 8, like I requested; but–It’s not the ring that I was under the impression would be in the box. Oh well. It was FREE, and I can’t complain about free stuff!


I had to get to work. So I went to work and spent the day wondering if my other package, from Amazon had arrived, and what rings were in these bath bombs!

I decided to try “Harmony” first. Blue is one of my favorite colors 🙂


There’s a clear wrapper that they put it in to help keep it together during shipping. I know the picture isn’t the best, but if you look carefully there is a perforated line that you can use to tear the wrapper off.


The bath bomb lasted about 10 minutes. Here’s just a few more pictures to show the process.

This bath bomb is supposed to have hints of lily, pear, peach, and vanilla. I only smelled flowers, but it smelled amazing! My skin felt really soft after the bath, and it didn’t leave any residue or stains in the tub.

…But Raven, what about the ring?!


Does that look like it’s only worth $10? No! It doesn’t!
The rings come enclosed in a small, round plastic ball, quite similar to something you’d get out of a prize machine at the grocery store 🙂

I was pretty impressed with my first bath bomb from Fragrant Jewels! It smelled nice, made me feel nice, and had a pretty inside.

Have you tried any of the bath bombs from Fragrant Jewels? What about the candles, wax tarts, or fragrance beads? Let me know!


Until next time, y’all…


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3 Responses to Rave’s Reviews-Fragrant Jewels Bath Bomb: “Harmony”

  1. Tiffany says:

    That ring is a beautiful!! I’ve never used a bath bomb (more of a shower person lol) , but have heard things about them. Nothing wrong with treating ourselves every now and then.


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