Which One?

I told ya’ll, I’m not a professional.

Which one goes better with this shade of pink? I’m leaning towards the gold (left)

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Too Much for the Birds


It rained so much earlier this week, that even the birds took cover under the break area at my job.

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Why isn’t it Friday yet?

It’s been a hectic week so far.


Last week was crazy.
The best friend had some stuff going on, and I offered to help with that.  I got to babysit my adorable “niece” 🙂  I got a day off of work in the process.

Aubrey finally got to meet Paige! She fell in love with her, just like I knew she would.  That’s about as close to a little sister she’s getting right now. (Sorry, kid.)

I got back to the house, and discovered that our new-to-us pool had been set up!

We began filling it up on Thursday. It’s a few feet wider than the one I bought last year. (The first one suffered a tragic accident, where the frame was bent and warped, as well as drained by someone slashing a hole in the bottom of it. Oh, I was mad!)


It took Thursday-Sunday to fill it up. I have well water, so I had to let the pump run a little at a time then give it a rest.  I don’t want my pump to burn up, because they’re not cheap and it’s not in the budget to replace it! #brokelife

It rained earlier in the week, and now the freshly-filled pool is turning green. It’ll be shocked and ready soon 🙂

Friday night I came home to tadpoles in my kitchen:

They were all dead twelve hours later, and Aubrey decided to bury them. She then caught a ladybug and used the same jar. As far as I know, it’s still alive.

We also got a new fire pit!  A friend of mine brought some Oak logs that he’d cut up from Hurricane Matthew. They aren’t light.

I also don’t know when I’ll have 8 people over at one time to enjoy the fire with us, but they’re there just in case!  I might end up sliding them together by twos so that they make 4 “benches”. That’d be cool.


My backyard is slowly becoming a place I want to be all the time! I love it!

I started working on a yard decoration for the pool area:


I’m proud of this! (The scraps of wood in the background only prove that I-do-not-know-what-I-am-doing!) I re-purposed a couple of pallets to make this, and I took some stain to it.  I’m going to use a creamy-yellow for the words, and it’ll have the phrase “Life is better by the Pool” painted on. Then, I want to slap some polyurethane on it and it’ll be good to go.

In other words, prepare for Pinterest fail blogs. It’s going to happen.

I hope to have that done this weekend, and start playing around with another idea or two.


For now…it’s bedtime. Why does free time fly by so fast, but the work day passes by so slowly?  UGH.


Until next time,




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Don’t Grow Up. It’s a Trap!


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Easter Weekend

Here’s a little of what we did:


The man surprised me Friday night. He told me to cancel my plans, that we were taking the Baby Bird out.
It’s not often that he tells me to cancel my plans.  In fact, this was a first!  So I did.

We went to a local Japanese restaurant called Miyami! It’s a favorite of ours, and it was time to introduce Aubrey to it’s awesome flavors 🙂

We sat at one of the grills. Aubrey freaked out a little bit when he caught the grill on fire.  I whispered in her ear that it’s just part of the show, and try to relax.

She loved watching the chef set the onion volcano on fire!

She ordered shrimp and rice, I ordered my usual steak and veggies…and of course, the man ordered his Godzilla Roll.  We had the Shumai as an appetizer. I think that I could just eat those as a meal and call it good.

Saturday was pretty quiet. I had to go clean a friend’s house, then I came home and slept for a few more hours.

We set a bonfire up to burn off all of the limbs and vines that had taken over the back yard.


Aubrey and I dyed eggs:

We used crayons to doodle on them before dyeing. They turned out pretty good!

I decided to go easy on the Easter goodies this year. Aubrey isn’t crazy about candy, but, I found a chocolate cross.  She’s been going to church with a classmate lately, so I wanted her to have a Bible. (The reason for the season, people…)

The bath bomb flower and the “Easter Bunny Poop” is from PrettyFizzyBombs 🙂  I figured Aubrey could do her own little reviews!

Sunday night, the man and I played his game, “Hide and Feed”

He is in school for Game Design, with Full Sail University. I’m so dang proud of him 🙂


That’s it for right now. It’s time for that one thing called Adulting, and I have to go do it.


Until next time!




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FJ “Earth” Bath Bomb!


I took a few minutes trying to look for North America. I didn’t find it…but I thought this was a nice representation of our planet.
A portion of proceeds for this one is being donated to The Ocean Foundation….check it out 🙂

Earth Day is April 22nd. Don’t forget to go plant a tree 😉


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FJ Endless Summer Bath Bomb!


I’m addicted to Fragrant Jewels…I keep telling myself that I can quit any time I want to, but I know I’m lying.

Scents of apricot, jasmine, and “jungle wood” filled the air as this one dissolved.

I loved the color of the water…too dark to be lavender, too light to be purple. My camera couldn’t pick it up. But, it was pretty 🙂

The ring came in an 8 (my size): A purple heart surrounded by “diamonds”, and valued at $10.


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